J&M Enterprizes Inc. will work strictly by the hour plus parts and materials on your project. Our current hourly rate is listed above in the contract.
It is our policy not to provide “hard quotes” or to work for a contracted price. We understand that financial planning for a restoration project is a large part of the process and should be considered carefully. Because of this, we will ballpark estimate the costs to facilitate financial planning. However, these are only educated guesses based on past experiences. These ballpark estimates are solely based on process costs (i.e. It takes X hours to paint a car on average).

Every project is unique. No two are alike. Variables include hidden damage, starting condition, completeness, parts availability, parts costs, degree of completion and modifications desired to name a few. Given that there are so many variables, even ballpark estimates can change as work progresses. Any estimate given should be a starting point.

More often than not, the finished cost of the project exceeds these ballpark estimates. J&M Enterprizes Inc. will make every effort to keep costs as low as possible for the quality of work performed. We will also keep you informed as things change, giving you all of the information and options needed to make decisions about the project. You, as a customer, need to be prepared for unexpected problems that raise the costs of the finished project.

It is our view that shops that quote hard prices or work for a contracted price will cut corners and hide problems in order to meet the contracted price. They sacrifice quality for cost. J&M Enterprizes Inc. prefers to fix it right the first time and work with our customer to deal with the added expense.

We feel that it is better to cut how much of a project you complete rather than performing substandard work on the entire project. You can always come back later and complete another part of the project.
If you complete the entire project with poor quality to cut cost, it is possible that you will be doing the entire project over to correct the problems. It is always cheaper to do the job right the first time rather than doing it twice.