LSX Magazine, January 2024 – Basket Case to Barn Burner: 1968 Corvette by J&M Enterprizes
When it comes to Corvettes, especially C#s, more is usually too much. >>The Article

Melling Performance, November 2022 – Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing: C2 Corvette Restomod Sits On C7 Drivetrain
When the C2 Corvette generation hit the streets and racetracks in 1963, the all-new chassis took the world by storm. >>The Article

Corvette Magazine, July 2020 – A Change in Direction
From caretaker to driver, Tim Giannini pursues a new path with his LS-powered ’67 restomod. >>The Article

Chevy Hard Core, April 2020 – Corvette Chronicles: Bonding Strips Keep Our Corvettes Together
Perceptive owners of C5 and later Corvettes may notice a distinct assembly difference between vintage Corvettes and their late-model cars. Starting with the 1997 production year, Corvette’s body panels started using fasteners to hold the body panels together.  >>Chevy Hard Core

Vette Vues Magazine, December 2018 – Ronnie & Pam Edge’s 1957 Fuelie Corvette & 1956 Resto Mod Corvette
Old School Meets New School >>Vette Vues

Super Chevy, November 2017 – 1956 Chevy Corvette Possesses Deceiving Looks & Potent Performance
How is the car to drive? Ronnie says “it is unbelievable! It has late-model get up and go, even though you’re in a nostalgic, old classic.” Pam says, “We love it and it’s amazing how much attention it attracts when we drive it.” This high-performance restomod has become the perfect addition to an already amazing Corvette collection. read more >>Black Ice

Cars & Parts, June 2016 – What’s In a Name?
The whole idea was to take a scale model and make the real thing, i.e., remodeling a model. The process was more about finding the compatible elements to get the improvement desired while paying respect to the foundation. Restoration wasn’t a goal, so originality took a hit with the Corvette. Modification wasn’t necessarily the driving force behind it, either. It was simply a remodel. read more >>Marquez

Cars & Parts, June 2014 – The More Things Change
For some reason, I never wanted to part with this particular Corvette, even when I owned other very neat rides nicer than this car at the time. I have owned this car since I was 21 or 22 years old and bought it in Denver, Colorado. Driving along one day in Arvada, Colorado, I noticed sitting in a driveway with a “for sale” sign, this gorgeous blue 427 Corvette. I was smitten. read more >>Lark

Corvette Enthusiast, June 2010 – Pre-Destined, This ’92 Shows That Working Ahead of Schedule is Really a Good Thing!
“His plans were to keep the car for 25 years, have it restored and then continue enjoying it.” Stepping out of the dealer’s office on april 21, 1992, Vaughn Duck, who had previously owned a ’64, ’74 and ’86 Corvette, knew exactly what he wanted, and he had just finished securing it – a black 1992 Corvette.. read more >>Vaughn

Corvette Enthusiast, January 2010 – First Fuelie Finished, Having that “Just Like New” Appearance – For the Second Time
It all started with a phone call from John Ames at J&M Enterprizes in Brooksville, Florida, with him saying that he had a car at the shop and I might want to come over and take a look. I wasn’t totally certain as to what I was looking at. . read more >>Jan-2010

Corvette Enthusiast, November 2009 – First Fuelie Goes Green, Putting #10 Back to its Original Shade of Cascade
When restoring a car, the main points that will determine whether or not the restoration is a success are typically the steps that you’ll never see, unless they are not done correctly. Items like the finish work to the body are just one such instance. read more >>Nov-09

Corvette Enthusiast, September 2009 – 1957 Hard Top Restoration, Our First Fuelie Gets a Restored Lid
The Corvette Motorama Dream car was unveiled in January 1953 by General Motors Styling at the Waldorf-Astoria to rave reviews, sans any sort of roof. The 1953 Corvette officially debuted at a Chevrolet Motor Division press event on September 15th, 1953 at the GM Proving Ground. read more >>Sept-09

Corvette Enthusiast, July 2009 – First Fuelie Found, Part 3, Our First Fuelie Project Car Receives a Fuelie Engine, Just the Way Chevy Engineering Did it.
With our chassis near completion on our 2009 project 1957 Corvette (serial number E57S1000010), we were anxious to move on to the next step in the restoration process. With the help of Ken Kayser, Tim and John Ames at J&M Enterprizes were inventorying and investigating the correct parts to complete the engine build up for the infamous RPO-579C, “One horsepower per cubic inch displacement” fuel-injected engine. read more >>July-09

Corvette Enthusiast, June 2009 – First Fuelie Found, Part 2, The Leading Men of Mechanical Fuel Injection
The 1957 Corvette with Ramjet Fuel Injection caused quite a commotion when it debuted at the New York Auto Show on December 8, 1956. This was the first national auto show since before World War II. After WWII, General Motors began its own private auto shows known at the GM Motoramas.. read more >>June-09

Corvette Enthusiast, May 2009 – First Fuelie Found, This Year’s Project Vehicle is the One that Started it All for High-Pressure Fuel Systems in Corvettes.
Everything has a “first.” Sometimes, we are privileged to experience them firsthand and other times, we can only re-live them. Only 1,040 1957 Corvette buyers experienced fuel injection firsthand, but the rest of us are still very much enjoying our turn more than 50 years later.. read more >>May-09

Corvette Enthusiast, July 2008 – Show & Go, This Award-Winning ’60 Still Calls The Highway its Home
Chevrolet was in good shape in 1960, especially its premier offering, the one and only Corvette. Chevy’s sports car had finally, in its eighth season, surpassed the 10,000-unit production mark for the first time. Rumors persisted that it was soon to be axed from the lineup. read more >>CE-July08-Waynes60

Corvette Enthusiast, November 2007 – Concours Corvette, In the pursuit of perfection, a 1963 coupe is re-restored.
As with most works of art, Corvette restoration is in degrees … both in quality and authenticity. There are restored cars that are perfect, and, more commonly, there are those that are near perfect. Well, Barry DiAntonio had a nearly perfect 1963 Corvette split-window coupe, a black beauty with gleaming paint, a sparkling red interior, and a highly detailed engine compartment hosting the optional 340hp 327 V-8. Scoring a lofty 93 points, it was clearly in the “almost perfect” range. But Barry wanted something a little closer to perfection. read more >>November_2007_Concours_Corvette

Corvette Enthusiast, January 2007 – King Ray Hits The Road , With the last bolt tightened, it was time to take him for a spin.
We’ve said it before, building a project car in a year is not an easy task, even for veteran Corvette restorers like Jerry’s Vette Service. Invariably, there will be some snags along the way but, again, we were able to have the car finished in time for its big debut at Corvettes at Carlisle, thanks to everyone who partnered with CE to see the project through. read more >>1CE_KingRay_0107

Corvette Enthusiast, June 2006 – Project King Ray, Body Building
When taking on a frame-off restora-tion, there are many more factors that need to be considered over a frame-on type of project. Whether to keep the body on the frame or remove it is best determined by what you find under the surface of the body. read more>>CE_KingRay_0606

Corvette Enthusiast, Feburary 2006 – Project King Ray, Our next project corvette goes under the knife
Fresh off the heels of a successful Corvettes at Carlisle show, where we introduced P-57 to Corvettedom, there was only one thing to do – start preparing for next year! read more >>CE_KingRay_0206

Corvette Enthusiast, June 2004 – First Fuelie , Higher Fule Pressures Meant More Performance for Corvette
There was no hiding why Chevrolet started installing Rochester fuel-injection units on Corvettes. To go racing! Originally, the mechanical fuel-injection units were designed as an answer to a fuel-sloshing problem that occurred on carbureted cars. read more >>Black_57

Corvette Enthusiast – Gunner’s Got One , Everyone wishes they had a 1967, NCRS Top-Flight…
Earl Gunnerson is very proud of his 427/400hp Corvette, and he should be. After owning the Corvette for about a year, he decided to ship it from his home in Huntington Beach, California, to Jerry’s Restorations in Spring Hill, Florida, for a run-of-the-mill restoration. Or so they thought. read more>>CE_Gunners_0406

Corvette Enthusiast, Mellow Yellow, Ragtop with factory air and 350 snorting horses.
The Corvette for 1965 arrived as a mildly warmed-over design of the 1963-’64 model, but appearances can be deceiving because there was a lot of new technology under the skin of the third-year Sting Ray. read more >>CE_RickLyons

Corvette Enthusiast, Putting the Power to the Pavement , Our tri-power big-block finds a fitting home
Last month, we brought you along as we assembled a streetable big-block with big power potential. This month, we’re going to show you the lucky Corvette that engine now calls home and take you along for a ride as we put it through the most grueling test there is – the real world! read more>>CE_TomRoe_0406